The Quest Basics

  • The Quest is a premier Scouting event, established in 1988. It continues to go from strength to strength 
  • The Quest is the ultimate incident hike: a unique combination of navigation, physical and mental challenges, and teamwork 
  • Shadowed Teams navigate a cross-country course (much of it in the dark) to find Bases 
  • At each Base, Teams must complete a task and score points before being given the coordinates of the next Base 
  • Upon completion, there is a final task back at the Finish HQ using the clues collected on the course. 
  • Points are awarded for all activities. The objective of The Quest is to score the most points 
  • Each year, The Quest has a topical theme that inspires the activities at each Bases 

  • The Quest is open to Scouts, Guide and young Explorers who compete in Teams of between 4 and 6 
  • All Teams are shadowed by adult helpers 
  • There are a maximum of 64 Teams (about 350 scouts). 
  • Teams are checked for kit at the Start HQ, then transported to the course where they start about 3pm. 
  •  The course closes at 12pm when Teams are then transported back to the Finish HQ for their final task.

  • The Quest is a fun and rewarding event, but it is a genuine challenge for the young people taking part. 
  • The total walking distance walked is about 16km, most of it is in the dark, and it can take place in just about any kind of weather 
  • By the time Teams get back to HQ after walking it will normally be well after midnight after a long and tiring day... the ultimate finish time may be as late as 1am in the morning 
  • The Bases officially provide no food or drink – all provisions must be carried by Teams. 
  • Soup and a snack will be provided at the Finish HQ

IT’S A CHALLENGE! (For the Older People, too)
  • It’s a big event so it relies on many volunteers. All help is appreciated but The Quest especially needs support in the following areas: 

  • The Bases are the core of the event and running one of these involves arranging the set-up, the equipment, running and staffing and ensuring the Base can manage the capacity of Teams. 
  • It’s great fun and often times the Bases have fires, lights, music, food… 
  • Bases Managers are fully supported by the Base Manager Controller – you are not alone. 

  • Good-humoured helpers are needed to support and assist the Base Managers and each Team entered is asked to provide at least one Base Helper. 
  • Note: Troops entering more than one walking Team are requested to volunteer to run a Base! 

  • Each Team entered has to provide a Shadow although Shadows do not walk with their own Team. 
  • The role of the Shadow is primarily about safety – not assistance - though there may be times when they will need to recover their Team’s position. 
  • Map reading skills are therefore essential, and the ability to motivate tired youngsters in the cold and wet. 
  • Shadows are fully supported by the Shadow Controller and will need to complete a pre-walk held on the weekends before the event. 


  • Each troop must also provide enough seats for their Team members to be transported to the course - named drivers are usually the Shadows 
  • If everyone provides adequate numbers of seats for their own Team members, we can normally get everyone to the start on time! 
  • Minibuses are very welcome

Thanks in advance.