2018 Winners

Overall Competition

Senior / Open Winners
(The Chiltern Boot)
ESU Illustrious
"We'll Take The Car"

Junior Winners (Joint) (The New Boot)
1st Chesham
"Team B"

26th High Wycombe
"Virgil Scouts"

Misbourne Valley Competition

Senior / Open Winners
(The Muddy Boot)
1st Seer Green
"Team C"

Junior Winners
(The Old Boot)
2nd Amersham Common

Best Base Award

ESU Parkers Pioneers
(Base B)
"Monopoly Darts"

3rd High Wycombe
(Base L)
"Build a Monopoly Hotel" 

ESU Phoenix 
(Base C)
"Electric Co. Buzzwire"

        Lift Off! (Second Time Lucky...)       
                  Saturday 29th June                  
                   OPEN FOR ENTRIES                  

Following the disappointing decision to cancel The Quest earlier this year due to unfavourable weather conditions, 
we are now good to go for Saturday 29th June


The Quest is the ultimate incident hike, attracting nearly 300 Scouts, Guides and Explorers from the Misbourne Valley and beyond.
The Quest has been up and running annually since 1988.

The Quest provides a truly challenging, fun and rewarding opportunity, testing a unique combination of skills.

Each year the event has theme. We've had everything from James Bond to Royal Weddings and this year's theme will be "Moon Landing" in celebration of the 50th anniversary of mankind's first landing on the the moon. Be prepared for some spacey activities!

Check out the gallery for some fun pictures from previous events

The Quest tests a unique combination of navigation, physical and mental tasks and teamwork. Navigating cross-country, teams must find Incident Bases where they compete in fun challenges to collect points. 

The teams with the most points, wins!

The Quest is a fun and rewarding event and as competitive as you want. But be prepared for a genuine challenge. The total distance walked in about 16km and much of it will be in the dark. 

The hike takes place in just about any kind of weather. After walking, teams normally get beck to HQ well after midnight, having had a tiring - but fun - day.


The Quest 2019

Either browse the website for all the details, or you can download the instruction pack and entry form from the 2019 event here.

 2019 Entry Form2019 The Quest - Entry Form.xlsx
 2019 Flyer
 2019 General Instruction Pack2019 The Quest - General Instruction Pack.pdf
 2019 Shadows' Instruction Pack2019 The Quest - Shadow Instruction Pack.pdf
 2019 Bases Managers' Instruction Pack2019 The Quest - Base Manager Instruction Pack.pdf
 2019 On The Day Instructions2019 THE QUEST 2.0 - ON THE DAY.PDF

Please send any entries, or any queries to Mark Foster at 2ACScoutEvents@gmail.com


The Quest 2018

Congratulations to the 45 team of 220 Explorers, Scouts and Guides who took part in 2018's anniversary version of The Quest.
And a huge thank you to all the Shadows, Drivers, Base Managers and miscellaneous helpers who made this event run as well as it did.

Last year was cold and drizzly (and muddy, inevitably) and took place on a new circuit. We had a very high proportion of hikers complete the course (only a small handful of pick-up from the course).

Feedback from the Shadows was generally of motivated and well-prepared hikers. And feedback from the hikers was that the quality of Bases was excellent. Well done everybody.

A full set of results can be downloaded here: QUEST 2018 FINAL SCORES.XLSX


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Grimsdyke Hikes


Scouts and Guides Section

Teams made up entirely of young people who are presently either Scouts or Guides (i.e. not Explorers)

On the day of the event:

All team members must be less than 14 yrs 6 months

The average age of the team must be less than 13 yrs

Scouts, Guides and Young Explorers Section

Teams made up entirely of young people who are presently younger Explorers and / or or older Scouts

On the day of the event, all team members must be less than 16 yrs

Team Sizes and Shadowing

All teams must be accompanied by an adult shadow

All teams must be a minimum of 4 and maximum of 6 walkers

Entry Fees

Unchanged at £45 per team