Roll of Honour

The Quest Roll of Honour
  • The Quest has been taking place for 30 years and many illustrious teams have earned their place in history.
  • But we've lost records of winners before 2000 - and have a few gaps since then - so any help in completing the table below are very welcome!
  • Some fun facts...
  • The winning Junior team has always managed to complete the course
  • And the known fastest recorded time for that is unknown!

 Open / Senior Open / Senior  Junior Junior
   Overall Winners
 Misbourne Valley
 Overall Winners 
 Misbourne Valley 
 YearTheme "Chiltern Boot" "Muddy Boot" "New Boot" "Old Boot" "Best Base"

 1st Rickmansworth

 1994    2nd Amersham Common 1st Rickmansworth 
 1995    2nd Amersham Common 1st Lee Common 
 1996    1st Chalfont St Peter BW 1st Holmer Green 
 1997    1st Seer Green 3rd Chesham Bois Guides
 1998    2nd Amersham Common 2nd Amersham on the Hill 
 1999    1st Thame 1st Flackwell Heath 
 2000    1st Chesham Bois 1st Wendover 
 2001    2nd Amersham Common 1st Prestwood 
 2002    1st Seer Green 1st Princes Risborough 
 2003   ESU Gladiator 1st Prestwood 1st Princes Risborough 
 2004   1st Seer Green 1st Tingewick 2nd Amersham Common 
 2005  ESU Matrix 2nd Amersham Common 1st Tingewick 2nd Chesham Bois Guides 
 2006  Misbourne Valley J-Team ESU Illustrious 1st Hedgerley 2nd Amersham Common 
 2007  ESU Illustrious ESU Illustrious 1st Seer Green 1st Amersham Common 
 2008  2nd Amersham Common 2nd Amersham Common 1st Prestwood 3rd Chesham Bois Guides 1st Chalfont St Peter CK
 2009  2nd Amersham Common 3rd Chesham Bois Guides 2nd Amersham Common ESU Gladiators 3rd Chesham Bois Guides
 2010  2nd Amersham Common ESU Illustrious 1st Wooburn 2nd Amersham Common 
 2011  ESU Illustrious ESU Shackleton 1st Seer Green 2nd Amersham Common 
 2012 Royal Wedding 1st Wooburn 2nd Amersham Common 1st Iver 1st Chalfont St Giles 
 2013 Olympics 1st Wooburn ESU Gladiators 3rd Chesham Bois Guides 1st Seer Green 
 2014 Weather cancelled -  -
 -  - 
 2015 Magna Carta 1st Chesham Bois 1st Chalfont St Peter CK 1st Tingewick 1st Seer Green ESU Parkers / 1st Wooburn
 2016 Spooky Goings On ESU Trailblazers 2nd Amersham on the Hill Thor 2nd Amersham Common 1st Chalfont St Giles 1st Wooburn
 2017 Great Britons 1st Chesham Bois Rangers  1st Mill End  1st Seer Green 1st Wooburn
 2018 Monopoly Game ESU Illustrious

 1st Seer Green
 1st Chesham &
26th High Wycombe (Tie)
 2nd Amersham Common 1st Linslade
 2019 Weather cancelled - - - - -
 2020 Space Oddity 2nd Chesham Bois Guides 1st Chalfont St Peter 1st Wooburn 1st Chalfont St Giles