Keeping Walkers Safe, Motivated and Enjoying the Event

  • The Shadow’s role is to be on hand only when needed
  • The independence of the Teams is important and it helps their self-esteem and their learning experience if you do not interfere unless required
  • There is only a short briefing on the day: so please read the rules, etc, and the following before you arrive

  • Shadows need to have completed a familiarisation walk, generally arranged in the two weekends prior to The Quest
  • Any shadows who cannot pre-walk the route MUST get clearance that they are sufficiently competent 

  • When starting from a Base, ensure your Team identifies their correct objective (grid reference coordinates) and show you a safe route they intend to follow
  • The type of problems that might require your help are as follows:
    • The Team is lost and are going sufficiently off course for it to seriously lengthen the time they will take. In which case show them where they are and guide them back onto their route - then let them continue again on their own, if you think they are competent enough
    • The Team’s navigation is generally too bad for them to manage. In which case, try to continue and use the opportunity to teach them some navigation skills, giving them bits to do
  • If all else fails, take over the navigation completely

RESPONSIBILITIES - Illness, Injury or Tiredness
  • If a walker is unable to continue, phone the Event Controller using the Transport Number on your map
  • Arrange transport for the ill, injured or tired member and agree a pick-up Base
  • Dropping out should only happen at a Base unless in emergency
  • Don’t leave any drop-outs unattended

  • Ensure you learn of any member’s disabilities, medical condition, etc. before you start walking
  • Insist on donning waterproofs when needed, and wearing fluorescent materials at all times
  • Keep to footpaths at all times unless essential to use a road, then be very careful! 
  • Keep the Team together and ensure they are being considerate of each other

  • The Teams have their own equipment for both the Team and the individual walkers. This will be checked before the hike starts
  • Shadows should also be appropriately equipped for walking but additionally Shadows:
    • Need a map case and Silva type compass – and be familiar with how to use it if needed!
    • Should wear hi-vis bibs or reflective bands 
    • MUST carry a mobile phone, though we do not expect to hear from you unless you have an emergency or a drop out
    • Should carry a first aid kit and be competent in treating minor injuries, ideally with a current First Aid certificate.
    • Should carry a flask of a warm drink and some additional emergency rations for the Team

  • At the end of The Quest please complete the report form on how you think your Team performed – and hand it in at the Finish HQ.
  • Ideally they will have done all the navigation themselves and you will have just been a passenger (but hopefully enjoyed the hike anyway)
  • Shadows have the authority to recommend points be deducted for their Team needing too much assistance or acting unsafely
  • It is important that we know the degree to which Teams have been helped, as it would be unfair otherwise on Teams that had not been helped; so please be honest with your comments.

  • Check in at Shadows’ Registration Desk. Give mobile phone number, First Aid certificate details if you have them and confirm you are properly equipped
  • Receive check-in pack, with final briefing, rules, map and report form. Transport and Emergency numbers are printed on the map, as well as the Police URN for the event
  • Receive a copy of your Team’s control card, which defines their Team number, start location and first Base
  • Attend Shadows’ Briefing prior to collecting your Team
  • Meet the Team you will shadow in the Start Base Assembly Area. You will be advised of any potential medical problems. Set off to the start location once all Teams for each Base location have transport

  • Park vehicle and drop off the Team at the designated parking area near to your Start Base location. All Teams should wait at drop-off point until re-united with their Shadow if they have travelled separately
  • Confirm with Team leader:-
    • a)walking clockwise or anti-clockwise 
    • b)the start location
    • c)Base for first activity.
  • Check-in at your start Base, even if your Team is not doing their first activity there. Start when ready!

  • Only footpaths or bridleways should be used, not roads, unless instructed at the Shadow Briefing
  • Ensure Team members do not drop any litter and keep quiet near built-up areas late at night
  • Ensure that Team members eat and drink regularly during their 8 to 9 hour hike
  • In case of an emergency (only), phone the Emergency Number. In all other cases, use the Transport Number 

  • One Base may include air rifle shooting. We will assume that everyone has parental permission
  • If a member does not have permission, his Team Leader must tell the Base Manager and not shoot
  • If no one has permission, the Team must use a Pass card

  • Team members can drop out ONLY at Bases. There is no provision for pick-ups between Bases. A minibus service will collect retirees from Bases
  • A Team may continue to walk so long as there are at least 3 walkers remaining together. The Shadow must advise Event Control on the Transport No. 
  • The continuation (or not) of a Team with less than three members will be at the discretion of the Shadow in conjunction with the Event Controller
  • Retirees MUST return to HQ and report to the Event Controller. They must then remain there until further notice unless in an emergency

  • Teams generally need to be through Bases within 15 minutes to be able to complete course
  • Encourage Teams to use their Pass Cards if a Base is crowded (they have 3). Record as a PASS on their score cards
  • After the activity, get the Team’s score for each Base entered on BOTH your scorecard AND the team’s scorecard, (as a cross-reference)
  • Ensure Team collects a Quest Clue at each Base for their final task back at the Finish HQ 

  • Teams are not allowed to start an activity if they arrive at a Base after 12.00pm. 
  • If your transport is at the next Base, ONLY walk your Team to it if they are still fit and if you would expect to arrive no later than 12.15pm. 
  • If you do not finish near your transport, Base staff may be able to transport you to your start point if nearby or possibly to HQ . You are however strongly advised to try to get your Team back their starting point if possible. If you have no means of reaching it, phone HQ for transport arrangements Given the distance from HQ to the course, a wait of even an hour is likely – please be patient.
  • On conclusion of the Quest, all participants MUST check in with Event Control at the Finish HQ so we know they are safely back off the course