Making Sure Everyone is Safely Equipped and Prepared
  • It is condition of qualification that Teams are are properly equipped
  • Teams must carry all their own required kit and provisions
  • There will be a formal kit check before walkers start and anyone not properly equipped will be disqualified from competin.

  • The following instructions are for walker’s safety and are also rules of the competition:
  • Teams must stick to the ROWs and ‘permissive’ footpaths as marked on the event maps – walkers may get lost but must stick to public paths
  • High-visibility vests must be worn by all walkers at all times
  • Except in emergency, any Team splitting up without notification of the Event Controller will be disqualified. 
  • No Team members are to be left unsupervised under any circumstances. 
  • All Teams must have a mobile phone, the number of which is to be left at the Start HQ on registration.
  • All participating adult helpers s must have been CRB cleared by their Group/Unit according to Scout Association rules.

  • The Quest is run within the spirit of Scouting.
  • The following instructions are with respect to your fellow hikers, the public and the environment and are also rules of the competition:
  • Please observe The Country Code: close gates and especially don’t drop litter! 
  • Please be courteous to those around you and people you meet during the event.
  • Any vandalism, intentional damage of equipment or sabotage will mean disqualification.
  • Smoking and Drinking is prohibited by anyone anywhere on the Event.

  • As shooting may be one the Base activities, Leaders must ensure that Team members who wish to shoot air rifles have written parental permission

  • Adequate equipment is important for safety and is a qualification for participation. 
  • Individual and Team kit is checked on arrival and points will be deducted for missing or inadequate items. 
  • So that kit checks are quick and efficient, the Team Leader should ensure that the Team is fully equipped 
  • Waterproofs MUST be good quality as weather can be very bad on this event. No walker will be allowed to start without hiking boots